Quality mark

Our second-hand hearing aids , also known as “refurbished hearing aids”, bear the Premium Refurbished quality mark. The Premium Refurbished quality mark indicates that the second-hand hearing aid has been checked on no less than 18 points. After this check, the damaged parts are replaced, so you can be sure that the hearing aid is as good as new. The hearing aid therefore has no scratches and has a full 1-year warranty

How does a hearing aid get the quality mark?

Het hoortoestel doorloopt de volgende stappen om vervolgens het Premium Refurbished keurmerk te krijgen:
  • The hearing aid goes through the following steps to subsequently receive the Premium Refurbished quality mark:
  • The hearing aid will return to factory settings.
  • The entire housing will be replaced.
  • The hearing aid is checked for noise.
  • The speaker quality is being checked.
  • The quality of the amplifier is being checked.
  • The switches are checked for functionality.
  • The battery life is checked (if it is a rechargeable hearing aid).
  • The interior of the hearing aid is thoroughly cleaned. (Exterior will be replaced anyway)
  • The Bluetooth connection is being checked.
  • It is checked whether the hearing aid is still moisture / dust resistant.
  • The sound quality is checked.
  • With the Premium Refurbished quality mark you can be sure that your refurbished hearing aid is of decent quality. The device is as good as new and has a 1 year warranty. We therefore recommend that you buy a second-hand hearing aid that has the Premium Refurbished quality mark.

    Would you like more information about our refurbished hearing aids? Read more on our page “Why choose a second-hand hearing aid?”.

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